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    top of page External Data Sources

    Visit the Links Section under Library for even more external resources.

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    top of page NEDI Community Profiles

    NEDI community profiles features 17 sections of economic and demographic trend information. A base set of data points is available for every community in Nebraska with additional information provided as communities enhance their profiles at the local level.

    To view a community profile, simply select a community from the drop down box (or from the alphabetical listing area) and click on "run report."

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    top of page GIS Demographic Data

    Visitors have access to demogrpahic Census data current year estimates and 5-year projections for every community and county in the state of Nebraska. Visitors simply select a city or county from a drop-down box and click on submit and the data returns right online! Visitors search for city data can search for up to three different radii from the point of a community (e.g. 15, 30, and 50 miles).

    Check out the areas of interest to your project: Nebraska GIS Data

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    top of page Industrial Studies

    Special Studies View the Targeting & Opportunity Studies section of this website to learn about NPPD's series of industry opportunity studies. These studies analyze and quantify the industrial location advantages of NPPD's service area and communities for specific targeted industry groups.

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    top of page Facts Book

    Community Facts Book NPPD provides Community Facts Book assistance to all customer communities across the state. These books range in size from 40-60 pages and contain a variety of data essential to the site selection process.

    Facts Books are available online for many of Nebraska communities... to quickly find out which ones, go to Search Cities and select the criteria box "Facts Book Online."

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    top of page Trend Studies

    Economic and demographic trend studies have been completed for a number of Nebraska counties. Trend Studies provide data on labor force, employment, population, migration, commuting patterns, retail sales, and income for a city and county and comparable data for surrounding counties. If you are interested in obtaining a Trend Study for a specific county or community, please contact NPPD's Economic Development Department by calling (402) 563-5534, or by emailing:

    To find a specific Trend Study or to view communities having one, go to Search Cities and use the search criteria by checking the box labeled "Trend Study Online."

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    top of page Industrial Overview

    The Industrial Overview is a quarterly newsletter highlighting significant economic development events in NPPD's service area. Each issue also features a community that has an up-to-date industrial facts book and a controlled site or available building. The Industrial Overview is available online as well as in print.

    View the most recently published Industrial Overview or a series of past issues, please visit the Library.

    To subscribe to your own electronic or paper copy, please complete the materials request form found on the Library page.

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    top of page General Community Search

    City Search This portion of allows visitors to search for general information about Nebraska communities. In addition to basic population and labor data, search results provide useful links to items such as NEDI community profiles, Facts Books, trend studies, local websites, available properties, and more!

    Try a search @ Search Cities.

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    top of page Census Profiles

    View an American Community Survey Fact Sheet for your community or area. Reports are available for cities, villages, counties, the state as a whole, townships, reservations, MSAs, congressional districts, and more!

    While these handy profiles contain 2000 data, you are encouraged to explore this website and visit Nebraska Fact Sheet (Census), American Fact Finder (start search), and the Nebraska DED Research & Databook for more current data. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact our research department for assistance by calling (402) 563-5534 or emailing:

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    top of page Local Websites

    In an effort to make your search process as efficient as possible, local websites are linked to community data throughout

    Use Search Cities to look up a community - if they have a local website, you will receive a link to it along with the other available data. Or, use NPPD's community listing on to find a community you are looking for.

    If your community has a local website to list on, please let us know by calling (402) 563-5534 or emailing:

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