Economic Development Services

Nebraska Public Power District’s (NPPD) professional economic development team stands ready to assist you whether you are a site selection consultant or business prospect seeking a new location, an existing business seeking to expand, or a customer community looking for assistance with your economic development efforts.  To learn how we may assist you, please read the brief description below and click thru for more information.

Prospect Services

When it comes to expanding or locating a new facility, selecting the “perfect” location is critical to your success NPPD recognizes this and can provide valuable assistance in finding that right location. NPPD has a team of professionals, Nebraska Department of Economic Development, and other allies, who work cooperatively with our customers and to insure your success. Our role can be as little as supplying the information you require or as extensive as guiding you through the entire site selection process—from identifying available sites & buildings, to gathering community proposals, to identifying informational and financial resources, to facilitating the discussions with local and state agencies. NPPD’s Economic Development Team is ready to provide you with confidential, professional assistance with your site selection project. Put “The Power of Nebraska” to work for you by calling 877-282-6773, emailing or contacting one of our team directly.

Existing Business

If you are an existing business in a customer community served by NPPD or one of its wholesale customers, our team is available to assist you with your current and expansion needs. We can assist you in the following ways:

  • Expansion assistance from start to finish
  • Customized research specific to your industry
  • Connecting you with the right people at the local, state, and federal levels
  • Employee training contacts
  • Technical and energy solutions
  • Supplier and customer contacts

For assistance with your business expansion, please contact us by calling 877-275-6773, or mailing Further contact information can be found under Contact Us.

Community Services

Well prepared communities are critical to the economic growth of each community and Nebraska. NPPD strives to support the communities it serves by providing services to help make them successful in their economic development efforts. Below are just a few of the ways that NPPD’s Economic Development Team can assist communities served by NPPD and its utility partners.

Positioning Communities – Our goal is to help our communities be prepared for economic development opportunities when they arise; we do this by utilizing the skills and experience of our staff to do the following:

  • Consulting, Leadership & Facilitation
  • Economic Development Workshops/Training
  • Online Community Information
  • Research & Specialized Studies
  • Community Guide
  • Industrial Site & Building Brochures
  • Calling Card/Nebraska
  • Help with Prospect Proposals

Assisting with Retention & Expansion – Our consultants are available to work with local economic developers when conducting Business Retention & Expansion visits on a formal or informal basis. We encourage you to conduct these visits on a regular basis. In addition to helping with the interview our team can serve as a resource in identifying programs that may be applicable to assist your companies. Energy-related issues may also be referred to NPPD’s experts. We would also encourage and welcome the opportunity to participate in calls on the corporate headquarters of your companies.

Attracting New Business – NPPD works in conjunction with its community partners, the Department of Nebraska Economic Development, and other allies to promote Nebraska as an attractive location to locate or expand a business. Our team is available to assist communities with identifying potential target industries and provide information to support your efforts. Communities are able to participate in some of the lead generation activities carried out by NPPD such as trade shows. We are also able to assist communities with their recruitment efforts. Some of the activities we can assist with include:

  • Industry Targeting
  • Industry Opportunity Studies
  • Advertising
  • Trade Shows
  • Direct Mail/Email
  • Geographic Recruitment Trips
  • Referrals

For further details on NPPD’s services, visit Community Services or contact us by calling 877-275-6773, or emailing Additional contact information can be found under Contact Us.